Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Finished Pieces

I'm not terribly good at design stuff I have to admit, but I had a crack at designing some new business cards and brooch backings using Photoshop and I'm quite pleased with the outcome.

I haven't made any more brooches yet as I had a little mishap with the varnish that I used to seal the first batch. For some reason the polymer clay didn't like it and they stayed tacky so I had to remove the varnish which of course removed most of the artwork too :(

Oh well, that's trial and error! For the record, solvent based varnishes do not seem the way to go with polymer clay. I am going to try a water based polymer resin varnish next, I think it will be much friendlier. I'm trying to keep them as matt-looking as possible to keep the look and feel of ceramic but I have to seal them of course so that they survive as jewellery pieces. Hopefully will have more done in time for the markets this weekend!

On another note, I've just finished the commission that I posted about recently. It is titled "Possibilities" and here are some pics of the process:
I'm becoming more confident with using colour for skin tone rather than relying on shading with graphite. It's interesting to see how my technique has changed since the beginning of the year when I made "Secret Admirer" (above left). I have so many more ideas for paperdoll girls. Wish I could clone myself so I was more productive! I think perhaps creative people are cursed with a kind of restlessness that only ceases when you're in the midst of making something.
So now I'm off to find something else to do!
x Jo


  1. The brooches and the new painting are beautiful!! I really love the way you do skintone, it is so delicate :) ~Lauren

  2. mmmm, colour in the faces is gorgeous!!!! And I LOVE the 3D dress. Your work is so so good!

  3. Thanks guys, I'm getting there! :)
    I'd like to try painting portraits in acrylics next I think, with collage too of course! xo